The Bourne group have garnered an international reputation for being at the forefront of visual neuroscience with a particular emphasis on development, plasticity and repair following injury.

The cereal cortex of an adult is an intricate system of interconnected areas. How these areas emerge seamlessly and establish connections with other parts of the brain has yet to be determined. 


The main focus of the group is to study the development and maturation of the cerebral cortex in primates and other mammals.

The group explore, at a cellular and system level, how the brain processes the environment, which is rich with visual information. 

This approach provides the team with insights into how the primate visual cortex has evolved to possess multiple functionally unique areas, each with clearly defined boundaries.

Further understanding of visual system neurobiology will result in not only understanding how visual function works in a normal brain, but also in in the repair and functional recovery of adult brains following an injury like stroke. 

Bourne group photo
  • The development and maturation of the cerebral cortex of primates and other mammals, with a focus towards the visual cortex, which is responsible for visual perception and visual guidance of behaviour
  • Clarifying the functional bases of disturbances of visual perception that emerge as a consequence of perinatal lesions 
  • How the mechanism of neuroplasticity could aid in brain injury rehabilitation
  • Using cultures of cells and organ tissues in situ hybridisation and RNA expression profiling.

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